Amboseli Lodge is situated approximately 100 metres from the central bus-stop in Ambleside.

Access into Amboseli Lodge is by the front entrance, which can be reached either from the roadside kerb on Rothay Road, or by a private gravelled path by the side of the lodge from it’s car park at the rear of the property.

There is one step of aprox. 12″ from the car park to the pathway, which is itself 30″ wide.

The main entrance to the lodge involves two steps, the steepest of which is 5″, and the access width is 27″.

The dining room is on the ground floor and has a level entrance with a 30″ width.

All three bedrooms are on the first floor which can be reached only by a flight of 14 steps.

Each bedroom has an entrance 28″ wide, and an en-suite bathroom entrance of 24″.

The showers in each bathroom are situated over the bath, so in order to use the shower it is necessary to first climb onto the bath.

There are currently no grab-rails in any part of the building.

Access to the garden is by a second gravelled path, once again with a 30″ width.

Should you require any further information please contact us either by telephone or by email.

We will do our best to accommodate you whenever it is practically possible to do so.